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Hi, I am Lisa

Willkommen, welcome. I am your German, German wine expert!

I am happy to share my love and knowledge of all things wine-related. 
My experience extends to all aspects of the wine industry from production to being a sommelier, and anything in between culminating in a master’s degree in enology and viticulture from one of the world’s leading wine universities in Germany. For more detailed information check out the About Me section.
In April 2022 my first shipment from Germany finally arrived. It was a challenge thanks to Covid but just as a great wine, time can be beneficial. 

So, for all you wine lovers, join the CLUB to get exclusive access to amazing wines.

Cheers and Prost, Lisa

Wine Club

Drink wine like a german does!

This is going to be YOUR CLUB. Explore wines that only I have to offer you and increase the diversity of your wine cellar. Wine shipments are fully customizable

Do you care how the product is made that you are consuming, do you want to know the story behind the wine, learn more about the region where it is from? 

My wine club is a selection of low-intervention and natural wines from Germany farmed sustainably. 

Join the club to learn more and support the wineries!

Tupetz Wine Connection

Your connection to fine wines!

Why is Tupetz Wine Connection different? 

I source, import, distribute and have an online-shop and wine club.

At least once a year I fly to Germany and meet with the winemakers. All wines are tasted, chosen, and sourced by myself directly as well as imported without any middleman involved.

All wineries are artisanal, outstanding producers focusing on low-intervention and natural winemaking, farm regeneratively, and are passionate about their wines!

TWC’s portfolio has wines for everyone. From easy-drinking and fun wines with a high drinking flow (Trinkfluss) to wines for a dinner party, a date night, or a movie night. 


Germany and its Wines

Germany isn't a wine country, or is it?

Weinland Deutschland

Germany is the 8th largest wine producer in the world and over 65% of its production is white wine.

Germany is known for wines that age incredibly well and hold intense acidity as well as having winemaking styles that are particularly distinctive.

With cool climates, steep slopes, distinct soil structures, and unique grape varieties, the role that terroir plays in German wine is vastly important.

Did you know that one of the most expensive white wines to ever sell was a  German Riesling?


Winemaking is the conjunction of Art, chemistry and biology

Meet the winemakers “Winzer und Winzerinnen”, the artists behind the scenes. Making wine is incredible in so many ways, every vintage tastes different from the next and brings new challenges to the winemakers. 

Every winery I partner with is unique and authentic, focused on bringing the best of their region into their wines. 

Reach out and book your virtual wine tasting with me. 

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