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Tupetz Wine Connection

Tupetz Wine Connection is not your typical online shop or wine club. This is going to be a personal experience where you are getting to know the German producers. You have the option to choose what’s in your shipment or allow me to choose for you. How cool is that?!

Why choose my wines?

Since moving from Europe to the US, I have brought an abundance of wine knowledge from Germany as well as direct personal connections with the producers in order to share amazing German wines with you. I am excited to share the winemakers’ philosophies, varieties, and their personal winemaking processes with you – so that you can truly appreciate their wines and the passions that went into the wine you are experiencing.
In addition, you will be able to access these wines that I have hand selected for you which you cannot get anywhere else.

Tupety Wine Connection provides an approachable way for everyone to drink wine. It doesn’t matter how much or little you know! I’ll help guide you through the process to figure out what YOU like and what you don’t! This is the beauty of wine! There’s no right answer, wine is all about personal preference. It is as simple as that!

The Pandemic

The pandemic started the process. It affected the wine industry, but most noticeably wine producers with smaller production and a focus on direct-to-consumer and retail sales. Bigger wineries were already set up to sell their wines at supermarkets and other big-scale stores. Wines from smaller producers were accessible through online sales which, of course, saw a large increase. That’s great, right? Not exactly…
In Germany, wineries rely on estate events and tastings to find new customers. For smaller wineries, the additional online sales demand meant more costs, labor, and time away from the production and focus on their “Handwerk”, craftsmanship. To be able to survive financially, wineries had to give double the effort with no certainty that their effort would pay off.

Opening new markets

During this time, I realized that smaller wineries would benefit from an alternative l market. These wineries are so small, and in order to export their wines with your typical big fish companies, they would lose their charm and credibility. By joining forces, and as a direct-to-consumer Importer, I could provide the winemakers with the means to import their wines to the States on a manageable scale.

The stereotype of Sweet Wines

For years, I saw how German wines were stereotyped in America – sweet Riesling usually comes to mind. This is simply incorrect… German wines have a long history and there is so much more to explore than the sweet Riesling in a blue Schlegelflasche bottle and a shiny silver label from Mosel. Most wines produced in Germany are dry, bright in acidity, intense on aromas, and in my opinion, delicious! You will find more information about Germany and its Wines in my story collection.

Stories behind the wines

My mission is to highlight the personal stories behind these amazing German wines. Understanding the origin and story surrounding the wine creates a relationship between you and the winemaker directly. When you understand their craft and are able to connect to the story behind the winery and winemakers, the wines become much more personal and enjoyable. It’s a win-win! German wines are so much more than they’re currently given credit for and I am here to showcase them, inspire and deliver. German wines will add more diversity to America’s wine scene and hopefully create a few more wine fans in the process.

I recently learned how Van Gough became famous. After his death, Van Gough’s sister-in-law made it her life’s purpose to promote his work. Reading his letters, she began to uncover his story and the importance of his paintings which she then shared with the world.  Van Gough’s story gives his work meaning and value.”

Cheers to you and your interest in German wines! Together we will support small producers, all the while enjoying small production and hand-crafted wines!

Tupetz Wine Connection is all about ethically sourced grapes to a sustainable relationship with the producers and you! 

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