Sustainable Practices

vineyard in early spring with green grass growing between the rows and rolling green hills in the background.

Creating a business that is as green as possible is important and challenging. Wine is made from nature – vines, soil, insects, fungi, bacteria, grapes, birds, worms, poop, flowers, legumes, rain, sun, and a little bit of luck. Being sustainable is more than talking about carbon-neutral shipping. It is about the relationships with everyone involved […]

Germany and its Wines

Nico holding a wine bottle of his winery into the camera and is smiling.

Weinland Deutschland. Germany is the 8th largest wine producer in the world and over 65% of its production is white wine. Germany is known for wines that age incredibly well and hold intense acidity as well as having distinctive winemaking styles. With cool climates, steep slopes, distinct soil structures, and unique grape varieties, the role […]

Tasting Wines

Franconia´s famous vineyards Mainschleife

I love all the wines in my portfolio, but for different occasions. For me, wines are tied to an occasion or experience. When I taste a wine, I picture the feeling I get rather than the taste. This technique makes it easier for me to explain a wine. Does it help you if I say, […]

German Wine System

close up of wine barrel bunghole with a fermentation bung next to it.

Making wine is incredible in so many ways – every year is different, every wine is different, and not everyone likes every wine, but that’s how it’s supposed to be!  If you think about a recipe and ten chefs are preparing it, you will end up with ten different dishes. This is similar to winemaking. […]