Siegloch Estate Winery. Brothers David and Markus in a vineyard next to each other looking into the camera holding a bottle of wine each.

Siegloch Estate Winery


The brothers David and Markus are running the show and making outstanding wines.


David Siegloch and his brother, Markus, grew up on the winery with their parents and took over the winery in Winnenden after their father passed away in 2014. Until the early 90s, the winery was based out of Cannstatt until Birgit and Peter Siegloch built the winery in Winnenden. Winnenden is the birth town of Birgit. The vineyards in Cannstatt are still owned and cultivated by the two brothers. 

David was almost done with his studies in enology and viticulture at Geisenheim University and his brother had just started a similar program with a focus on viticulture when they took over the winery. Before that degree, both of them finished a hands-on apprenticeship in viticulture and winemaking.

The Region

Their family winery has over 16 acres of vineyards around the River Neckar in the Württemberg region. It is a cool climate region perfect for growing red wine, slightly warm for Germany, and the only region in the world that produces Trollinger, a distinctly fruity red varietal native to Germany. One of his best vineyards is the famous single vineyard called Cannstatter Zuckerle. Trollinger and Lemberger grow on Muschelkalk (Shell Limestone) and Merlot on Mergel (Marl).

By taking over, these two gave the winery a completely new direction and a lot of space for, as they call it, Spinnereien. This means in this context as much as trying new things, experimenting, and giving the wine the freedom and time to express its full potential.


Let the wine decide!

David and Markus decided to not follow the German Prädikatssystem (Predikat Wine Quality System) and the wine quality control board members in Germany, but are made in a liberating and unconventional way, showing the potential of the region and showcasing the microclimate. 

The reason behind this is their belief and philosophy about grape-growing and winemaking. Both brothers believe in a hands-on work approach in the vineyard and a more hands-off approach in the cellar. But also in the vineyard, the focus is to work with nature and not against it.

All wines are fermented spontaneously, go through extended lees-aging, and are bottled unfiltered. Instead of using fining agents, they use time to achieve the quality they are looking for in the wine instead of intervening. This makes his wines also vegan. Most of his red wines are also aged in French oak barrels but not exclusively. Some of their Reserve white wines are extremely complex due to the time they spend in oak.

The Wines

You will pretty much find everything from an easy-drinking, juicy and refreshing white wine to an unfiltered and unsulfured Trolllinger, Syrah, Merlot, and also some amazing bubbles, Sekt and Petnat. I had the chance to taste their wines on a regular basis during my time at University Geisenheim (Germany’s prestigious wine school) where I studied at the same time David did. Their wines continue to amaze me every time which is why I am excited to have the chance to share them with you!

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