Sustainable Practices

Creating a business that is as green as possible is important and challenging. Wine is made from nature – vines, soil, insects, fungi, bacteria, grapes, birds, worms, poop, flowers, legumes, rain, sun, and a little bit of luck.

Being sustainable is more than talking about carbon-neutral shipping. It is about the relationships with everyone involved – producers, designers, logistics companies, warehousing, print shops, banks, and the resources needed to make this all possible.

I want to be a role model with my sustainable wine business. I am realistic and take action where I can. I continue to be amazed by what is possible in this world! 


How I am Making My Business Greener

  • Family-run businesses (no big corporations)
  • working with wineries with sustainability goals and practices
  • Carbon-neutral shipping within the US
  • Contributing a portion of my profits to climate action organizations
  • Encourage fewer and larger shipments  (even though we all love getting mail!)
  • No unnecessary paper waste, all the information is available digitally 
  • No unnecessary branded shipping boxes and plastic-free tape
  • Economically business cards from Overnight Prints
  • Using Beneficial State Bank; they don’t invest in fossil fuels unlike most other big banks
  • I pay wineries above market price and keep them part of their product until it reaches you


My Future Green Business Goals:

  • Donate money to local non-profit organizations helping the environment
  • Make Lisa Tupetz Wine carbon emission zero. I will give you some resources about what you can do as well. A book that inspired me recently is called “Wallet Activism” by Tanja Hester.
  • Purchase wine in bulk and then bottle it in the US to reduce carbon through lighter shipments.
  • Support local wherever I go or live.
  • Use recycled and compostable packaging and tape. I also use it for my personal mail. 
  • Work with the wineries on how they are improving their own green initiatives 
  • Education on sustainability


My mission is to make a positive impact on the planet and have a negative carbon footprint.

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